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Strategic Marketing Planning and Implementation
Marketing is the umbrella term which defines all activities related to influencing people’s attitudes and decisions about a product or service. At Sweeney Media Group, we can address each of those activities. A client may need to evaluate their entire strategy or a single tactic – either way; Sweeney media Group provides excellent counsel to navigate each area of influence. Here is a short list of marketing tactics:

Public Relations
When we say public relations, we mean we will addresses all of the strategies and tactics necessary to be sure you are communicating a consistent and effective message to all of your audiences including customers, prospects, influencers, employees, community, industry, vendors and the media.

Sweeney Media Group will provide an assessment of a clients current initiatives and their effectiveness, determine gaps, indentify strategies and tactics, develop key messages and work together with the client to prioritize and implement the plan.

Under public relations, clients will experience:

Sweeney Media Group Capabilities and Services:

Social Media Strategy and Implementation
Social media is latest form of conversations among your customers, media and the global marketplace. Sweeney Media Group is active in the social media arena and daily monitors the blogs, Twitters, online forums and groups and relevant social sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, wiki, MySpace and others. The new media world can be overwhelming so Sweeney Media Group assesses what is right for your brand, implements and monitors the strategy.

Brand Development and Integration
A client’s brand should permeate every action of a company from how the phone is answered to the ease of navigation on their website. At Sweeney Media Group, we assess each touch point of your company on an audience along with your desired impression and develop a comprehensive plan to integrate the brand. Sometimes the brand does not convey a client’s image; in that case, Sweeney media Group provides the creative infusion to enhance the look and feel of the brand.

Media Planning and Placement
Advertising can be an overwhelming initiative for any size business. At Sweeney Media Group we work with the client to establish desired reach and budget – then we do the rest from research, planning, placement, creative traffic and audits.

Event Promotion, Sponsorship Development and Activation
From years of experience in event marketing, Sweeney media Group offers event promotion planning, development of sponsorship levels and benefits and sponsor activation.

Sweeney Soirees - Event Planning & Fundraising
Sweeney Soirees was developed to assist in the production of charitable events with the goal of fundraising and friend raising. Our team can design and execute an event from the Big Idea to thank yous.

Creative Services
From developing a new logo and identity package to event invitations, the team at Sweeney Media Group can provide quality concept, copywriting, design, production, printing in all areas of marketing mediums including websites and interactive presentations.